Localization Not Occupation Tentative Main Stage Schedule (MORE TO BE ADDED!!!)

Early Sunday October 7, 2012

12:45PM Music Begins in Gazebo


Opening Ceremony

Event Begins

 MC Jusby the Clown


Welcome to event: Swaneagle Harijan


Glen Anderson


Music: Olympia Peace Choir


Chris Stegman


Music: Mailhotia with guest poets


Larry Mosqueda


Calvin Johnson


Zahid Shariff


Music: Violet Flame Meditation


Peter Bohmer


Music: Betsy Holt


Lady Liberty: Mary Spokane


Music: 1985


Music: Brian McKracken


Patty Imani
 5:25  Music: Monica Peabody


Music Jacob Meyer


Elissa Goss


MC: Thank you, last words, reminder of events continuing into the evening including the Peace talk with Afghan youth over skype. DANCE PARTY TILL CLEAN UP!


Volunteer Positions

If you’re interested in helping us make Localization Not Occupation a success, please volunteer!! This is a list of the positions we are looking to fill, and you can complete this form (follow the link) to register and we will contact you: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGpxUU54Tm81dGpsQ0hialF0RmVEZ0E6MQ#gid=0

Flyering Campus: This position includes printing flyers in the computer lab, cutting them to size, and posting them around the campus. If you can find a way to print in color for free, hooray!

Flyering Downtown: This position includes printing flyers in the computer lab, cutting them to size, and posting them at various bulletin boards, café’s, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, parks, handing handbills to pedestrians, etc. The most important thing about this position is that you understand the objective of the event so that you can provide a description to others.

Arts Walk Promoters: These volunteers will be asked to use artful activism to hold signs, banners, and other dramatic means to promote the event at the Fall Arts Walk on October 5th and 6th.

Setting up: Since there are many different things going on at this event, this position may require an ability to be flexible and spontaneous. We may ask you to decorate park with art, carry audio equipment, clean up lingering trash (gotta be done..), unfold tables, or anything that we can’t predict we will need help with to set up the event for the Olympia community.

Stage Manager: The stage manager will be asked to inform the speakers, musicians, and workshop facilitators to when they are going to be going on stage, for how long.

Time Manager: This position requires the volunteer to keep the MC, musicians, speakers, and workshop facilitators to wrap it up when they are nearing the end of their time limit.

Crowd Director: As the people of Olympia come to this event they will need a place to dispose of their trash, find directions, access a restroom, and many other needs such as these. The Crowd Director will direct people towards their needs.

Hand out Programs and Warbucks: There are going to be many things going on in this event, so we have put together a program which includes a schedule of the musicians and speakers on the stage, the workshops going on in the Lobby, and the many other independent projects happening around the park. Inside the programs there will be “Warbucks” which will be used for a participatory budgeting simulation. We need several volunteers to hand these out to the Olympia community members entering the park/event.

Clean up: This position includes similar deeds as the setting up of the event: they will carry away and clean up after the event beginning at 6pm. The sun sets at 6:40pm on October 7th, which means that we are going to need several people to make this happen before it is dark.

Localization Not Occupation, Sunday, Oct 7, Sylvester Park

  “Localization Not Occupation” is a day long community event in Sylvester Park on Oct. 7th, 2012, from 1:00 to 6:00 pm. It is being coordinated by the Alliance for Global Justice. Oct. 7th marks the 11th anniversary of the occupation of Afghanistan.
     There will be guest speakers, musicians, interactive events and art experiences throughout the day. Representatives from many peace and justice and social service organizations will table their information and offer small break out workshops. Within this rich environment we will connect the dots between increasing inequality in the U.S. and the part the U.S. plays in the brutal occupation of other countries, and learn what each of us can do to correct the dangerous path our nation is on.
      Oct. 7th also marks the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement that spread across the country last year, demanding justice for our nation’s poor and working people–the 99%. Occupy Wall Street created a new model for social change through creating participatory actions that engaged people. The Occupy encampments (including our own camp in Heritage Park) were forcefully removed long ago and the corporate media no longer covers the growth and development of what the OWS movement has become– a grassroots spirit that still burns brightly in the many offshoot organizations and resistance efforts that have sprung up in our communities.
      Demanding politicans and war profiteers to end the war through political means is not enough. Localization builds community strength and gives courage to We the People to end the war directly. In the words of one of the organizers, “Throughout the day we will be organizing a mass participatory project where everyone is empowered to identify the common values of our community and where our new priorities will be found.”
      Activities in the park will end at 6:00 pm, but there will be a live conversation by phone with young people in Afghanistan from 6:00 – 7:00 pm in the lobby of the Urban Onion. (6:00 – 7:00pm was chosen to facilitate the time difference in Afghanistan. It will be early morning there.)  Localization Not Globalization needs lots of volunteers to be successful. Contact Sarah Regan at sarahregan@afgj.org
for further information.
-Julia Moore

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is Wednesday (September 19) at 6pm at the Media Island (816 Adams St SE). We would typically have our meeting at the POWER office on Wednesdays, but in order to get in sync with the OMJP meetings, we are going to have out next meeting at Media Island, and the following meeting at the POWER office on Wednesday the 26th.

Meeting TODAY!

Out next meeting is tonight at 6pm at Media Island (816 Adams St SE). We still need help!! If you have even a little bit of extra time and energy, we encourage you to stop by Media Island tonight and get involved!

FYI: Next week’s meeting will be at Media Island again, so that we can get back on schedule with the POWER office. That’s next week, 6pm Media Island, Wednesday Sept. 19.

What are the Break-Out Sessions!?

Speakers and musicians are a keystone to the success of an event like Localization Not Occupation. Their voices, which will resound throughout Sylvester Park, will serve as a reminder of how imperative it is that we make ourselves heard in a country that is currently drowning under the pretenses of a so-called democracy. We hope that, at the very least, their words will continue to echo in the minds of audience members many days after the event.

But the people deserve more. They deserve to have an opportunity to exercise their own voice and our community deserves to hear it. That is why we feel it is imperative to create a space for individuals to vocalize their ideas, concerns, and opinions in a safe place set aside for exactly that. That is what the Break-out Hall will be dedicated to.

The idea is simple. In hopes that we will have at least fifteen tablers, each organization behind the table will be encouraged to break-out of their booths to spend 15-30 minutes facilitating a distinct and creative activity for individuals who have chosen to attend their Break-out activity. The break-outs will occur in the Lobby of near the Urban Onion (across the Legion from Sylvester park) simultaneously with the music and speakers in the Gazebo. To entice people to join the break-out, there will be volunteers passing out event programs with a schedule of activities including a time, title, description, and host name.

Potential activities might include round-table discussions on the use of drones, communication-building workshops to encourage people to discuss their perspective on war with those who might be in disagreement (“How to Expand the Circle”), the myths and reality of US occupation in Afghanistan, and banner-making tutorials, to name only a few of the infinite possibilities.

Tablers that begin to think about what kind of break out activity they would like to initiate should consider the overall objective to empower the individual voices in our community while maintaining an anti-war focus. If we’re lucky, this may inspire more than a few people to get more heavily involved not only in further discussions, but also in activating their capacity to support a greater movement beyond our city limits.